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The Newest Evolution of Mold Mitigation-The Moldologist™ System

Moldologist LOGO Mold Free Now of Western Pennsylvania is proud to be a member of Moldologist™, a national group of experienced certified mold mitigation companies. We believe that mold mitigation should be performed the same way in Colorado as it is in Georgia, North Dakota, Texas, the Carolina’s, or any other State in America and beyond our borders. We believe that homeowners and business owners should be treated fair and not overcharged during this stressful time. This is why Moldologist™ was started by three industry leaders with a combined 76 years of having boots on the ground experience. As more and more mold mitigation contractors become qualified members of Moldologist™, the numbers of combined years of experience grow into the hundreds of years.  

Technologically Advanced Mold Elimination Vapor System

Mold Free Now of Western PA has an advanced mold elimination system that is years ahead of traditional mold removal techniques.  One part of our system is the use of an advanced vapor which reaches areas that are impossible to reach by hand cleaning only.  The advanced vapor has been used in libraries to kill mold on books.  A lot of mold mitigation companies use Hydrogen Peroxide as part of their mitigation process, which was named the “The Carolina Protocol”.  We believe our system is much safer to use and has a proven track record in the water plant purification process, the misting of vegetables in supermarkets and it is also used in biological contamination cleanup.

Part Of Our System Is A True Vaporous Gas That Penetrates Deeper Than Traditional Mold Removal Techniques

When our system is in a vaporous form its size is less than one nanometer.  Our mold elimination system is able to reach every nook and cranny of your home or business.  We do not eliminate the proper steps to mold mitigation, we add this extra element that goes beyond any currently known mold mitigation protocol.  Our system is also used to control odors (cigarette, pet, even skunk) and allergens/asthma (pet dander, spores, pollens).  For more information regarding our Technologically Advanced Vapor System, contact us to set up a free consultation


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